Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Learn Something New Everyday

Sometimes when I'm trying to be creative with photoshop (trying being the operative word here) I have the computer read articles to me.  The articles just didn't sound right in a male voice so I went to the system preferences, onto the options for speech and lo and behold there a tiny people in my computer!

It wasn't just a male voice reading to me.  Bruce has been reading to me this entire time! But that's not all! Not only do I the options of having Bruce, Alex, Junior, Vicki, Victoria or Agnes read to me but there is also the option of reading to me in a "hysterical" voice, "bubbles" voice, "good/bad news" voice...the list goes on.

Guess how I spent my entire day.

That's right, super productive.

In other news, my abs are a little sore today.

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