Monday, May 3, 2010

Mad Skills

Over a year ago I was sitting bored in my office cubicle, What a fool I was for complaining about school. Learning is great! What I would give to go back to school & not work anymore.  How could I think school was such torture? Just pay attention and do the assignments–total cake walk.  I disapprovingly thought of my former self while I e-mailed my friends, googled myself, pondered why the lines on lined paper are blue instead of pink or green and pretended *ahem* while I was hard at work all day.

But now. Now, I remember.  Essays, Exams and homework (Oh my!), these are now the bane of my existence.  School follows me out of the classroom into my home and everywhere in between; this ghastly Ghost of School haunts me, nags at me relentlessly until the homework and studying gets done (which is basically every minute of everyday but we'll get to that in a minute).

It's like a damn gnat at a BBQ–just buggin'!

No paycheck at the end of the week. No, all of your efforts are met with a grade and the next gnat assignment.

It's blasphemy! Blasphemy I tell you!!

On the bright side, my return to school has refined one particular skill.

Procrastination. (Well, and drawing stick figures.)

It's true dear reader, I, Pretty Witty, am a master in the Art of Procrastination.

Had an essay to write this weekend.  I started a blog. And (Oh yes, you better believe there is, indeed, an AND!) brainstormed nearly every detail of a party that is 3 months out. Naturally, these details will be set aside until it gets down to the wire when these details magically transform into annoying ghostly gnats.  (It's a gift.)


I'm sleepy now, I will just finish up the essay in the morning before class.

Don't try this at home folks, I'm a professional.
(Pro-Procrastinator, not sleeper.  You should definitely try sleeping at home.)

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